Revitol Stretch Mark Review,
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Revitol is widely considered as the best stretch mark cream on the market but is it the best stretch mark cream for prevention? Read this before buying Revitol it could save you tons of money!

My Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Review

I was bound and determined not to get stretch marks when I found out I was pregnant. So I immediately started searching for the best stretch cream products. After reading lots of reviews about Revitol, I decided that was my best bet and purchased 4 bottles for $120.00 and started using them when I was about 4 months along.

At about 32 weeks I got my first tiny stretch mark on my side. But that could be due to the fact that I didn’t always rub the lotion clear over to that side. By that point I had used two and a half of my four bottles,
places to buy cards against humanity. I had been using it pretty sparingly at the beginning because at 4 months I wasn’t really even showing yet,
cards humanity. but towards the endI used it more and more liberally as I got bigger and bigger.

Well by the end of my pregnancy my whole belly and all around my sides got stretch marks although Revitol did help to lighten them and make them smaller. Maybe it even prevented some stretch marks from coming but for the price I had higher hopes. I did really like that it doesn’t have a smell,
black and white card game, and several hours after I put it on, my belly still feels moisturized, without being greasy.

I know that some people have a great experience with revitol but it didn’t really work out well for me. Looking back I think I would have chosen a different cream. Even though every site I looked at Revitol was ranked as one of the best stretch mark creams, and I beleive that it probably is the best at reducing the appearance of stertch marks, but it’s not the best for prevntion. for my next pregnancy I’m going to use cheaper creams in the beggining such as bella b’s honey butter or shea butter something like that then work my way up to more powerful ones that are meant for prevnetion like Dermology.

Dermology is a new cream on the market so its hard to find customer reviews of it. So in order to spread the word Dermology has been literally giving bottles away.

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